Basing decisions and actions on the highest moral standards and ethical ideals.

As I model INTEGRITY, I take responsibility for:

  • Communicating honestly
  • Being transparent in my work
  • Being a good steward of University resources
  • Being truthful in my decisions, words, and actions

Integrity Core Value Learning Showcase Award

  • Posters that focus on ethical, transparency, stewardship, and other similarly situated issues.
  • Focus on communication (domestic and global).
  • Award will be open to all categories of participants.


Treating others fairly and with dignity.

As I model RESPECT, I take responsibility for: 

  • Honoring the personal and professional time and commitments of students, faculty, and staff 
  • Creating a flexible, approachable, supportive, and celebratory culture 
  • Embracing diversity by promoting inclusion and honoring differences 
  • Valuing and appreciating the contributions of each member of the University

Respect Core Value Showcase Award

  • Posters that articulate diversity, and inclusion across world cultures.
  • Focus on communication (domestic and global).
  • Award will be open to all categories of participant.


Encouraging growth and ongoing professional development along the path to success.

As I model OPPORTUNITY, I take responsibility for:

  • Removing barriers to success for our students, faculty, and staff
  • Fostering an environment that encourages the achievement of personal and professional goals
  • Acknowledging there is true value in diversity of thought and sincerely believing that each voice counts
  • Encouraging the growth of students, faculty, and staff through civic responsibility and service to the community

Opportunity Core Value Showcase Award

  • Focus on community-based educational initiatives
  • Focus on professional-academic collaborative posters.
  • Business partners that provide an excellent poster that describes their own best practice or program. 


Actively supporting lifelong discovery and the exploration of knowledge.

As I model LEARNING, I take responsibility for:

  • Providing high quality, relevant education that enables the broadest possible community of learners to achieve their goals 
  • Advocating for and encouraging students, faculty, and staff as they attain personal and educational goals 
  • Cultivating an atmosphere that focuses on potential, creates self-reliance, and promotes the success of other
  • Making lifelong learning opportunities widely accessible and attainable for motivated students, faculty, and staff

Learning Core Value Showcase Award 

  • Outcome based-project.
  • Focus on theory to practice posters.
  • Best academic/faculty poster.


Pursuing exceptional results with determination, pride, and passion.

As I model EXCELLENCE, I take responsibility for:

  • Providing dedicated service to students, my colleagues, and the community
  • Practicing creativity and open-mindedness every day
  • Being innovative and forward-thinking in my work
  • Refusing to accept mediocrity in anything I do

Excellence Core Value Showcase Award

  • Capstone projects, dissertations, and other student related posters.
  • Best student poster overall.